Regenerative Agriculture

on Bear Den Mountain, in Afton, Virginia


Farfields Farm is a 150 acre farmstead project located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

We are in service to a regenerative agriculture that celebrates the ecology of life, the culture of place, and the diverse expressions of natural beauty. We produce a variety of high quality, organically grown farm products for local distribution, and are a host to numerous community events and private gatherings.




Free Range, Grass fed, Pasture Raised Cows
No Hormones, Antibiotics, or Steroids
Nutritious, Juicy, Tender, Flavorful Beef

Our herd of Devon, South Poll, and Angus cattle are rotated daily through our pastures, enjoying a fresh diet of green grasses in the spring through fall months, and supplemented with hay in the winter months. Our cows have access to fresh well water at all times. They are completely pasture raised and finished, and are never given hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.

While feeding on the pasture grasses, our steers, along with our laying hens, play a critical role in generating a healthy pasture ecology.

Our cows are harvested from at least 2 years of age and are processed locally. The meat is hung and dry aged for at least 3 weeks time to ensure a tender finish and deepening of flavors. The diet of fresh grass yields meat with added health benefits, rich in Omega 3’s, CLA’s, and Vitamin E. We hope you’ll enjoy our delicious, flavorful, nutritious meat.   

Please see our list of cuts and prices (per lb). You can order online for delivery or pickup.

For further information, please contact our Pasture Manager at pasture@farfieldsfarm.com

Bavette $17
Beef Cubs $12
Brisket  $10
huck $10
Cube Steak $8
Delmonico $16
Filet $24
Flank $16
Flat Iron $13
Ground Beef  $8
NY Strip  $18
Ribeye  $16
Short Ribs  $7
Skirt $17
Stew Beef  $5
Stock Bones  $4
Top Sirloin  $14
Tri Tip $17